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As a Studio Manager and Team Leader, I value the importance of all stakeholders and strive for a balance of inspiring ideas,  exceptional results and lasting relationships.

As an Architect I focus on quality Design and quality Documents which make for a well thought out, well built environment. I also utilize advanced technologies such as BIM and Revit fostering smoother project delivery and management.

As a General Contractor on Ground-up, Conventional and Alternative delivery method projects I've utilized Modular and ICF delivery methods to balance out Labor shortage/Weather issues, mitigate risk, manage schedules and reduce construction phase timelines.

As a Recognized Industry Expert I've been invited to participate at National Industry events as either; a Panelist, Radio program guest, author or featured story in trade and newsprint articles.

As an Inventor we Co-Patented a "Flood Lift System" which can be installed on New construction or as a Retrofit application to raise buildings off there permanent foundation avoiding flooding conditions and releasing back down upon flood waters subsidence.

As an Artist I have been invited to exhibit custom works including media such as; paintings, drawings, custom furniture and abstract constructions at Interior and Exterior venues.


Tel: 516-609-3410

Scottsdale, AZ 

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